Pretty in Pastel


Spring is upon us (as are the effects of climate change), which means it’s time to dump the serious greys, hard whites and boring (but always convenient) blacks. This season, we are celebrating our right to show vulnerability. The SS19 collection has girded women with breast plates, spartan-plain fabrics,  angular tailoring, chain mail, utility belts and philistine jewellery. Since the watershed revelations that came out of the #MeToo movement, the dominance of women in politics such as AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who’s prominent enough to be known by her initials) and SNP MP Mhairi Black, as well as Gina Martin who made up-skirting illegal, we can’t help but feel we are in battle, ready to unleash our inner-warrior. Every time we hear a man vexed about the existence of ‘International Women’s Day’ or hammer on about how being kicked in the balls is worse than giving birth, we can also hear Ariana Grande singing ‘thank you, next’. Despite the armoury of this season, the femininity of the collection has been augmented from the last season of broad shoulders and un-tailored fits. Because, whilst we are strong, independent women who have a tremendous battle in front of us still, we must also ensure that we feel safe enough to expose our vulnerabilities. At the IWD event held in London, and hosted by WOW (Women of the World), model and activist Munroe Bergdorf shared her heart-breaking feelings of vulnerability in sharing the same space as cis-women as a transgender woman. By sharing her fears with an audience largely made up of cis-women, Bergdorf bravely exposed her vulnerability despite her applause-worthy record of standing her ground and making her opinion known, no matter what the cost. So with pastels, we are softening our world and celebrating the tenderness of our femininity.



All images are from Stylist Magazine or other sources.

Below are some must-have pastels for the season of cantaloupe sorbets and cotton candy:

1) Mango – Pink cotton trouser

Get into your stride for your Monday morning meeting. Let them know you mean business in this pair of cotton, blush pink straight cut trousers.


Get them here

pink suit mango1



2) Barry M – Under The Sea nail varnish

These offer a subtle shimmer that changes in colour, depending on the angle, and makes your nails look like tinted pearls. The best thing about them is that even if they chip, you’d hardly notice as they blend so well with your natural nail colour.


Get them here



3) Skinny Dip – Lila Tote Bag

This powder blue bag with tortoise shell handles is perfect for weekend coffee dates and catch-up brunches.


Get it here



4) Topshop – SATINE square-toe sandals

Make a statement in these lime-green heels with reflective straps which are sure to catch the eye. Perfect for dinner with the gang.


Get them here

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 19.30.13



5) Neon Sheep – Cocktail Candle


Get it here

There is absolutely no reason why you don’t need this.

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